Designed by Levitt Bernstein

Whilst each block is custom-designed to embrace its setting, all feature a consistency in materials, landscaping and form ensuring an elegant cohesiveness.

No of Units 366
Studio 39
1 bed 76
2 bed 203
3 bed 48

Each has its own story and personality.

A. The building to the west is C-shaped over its 5 storeys, opening eastwards with a green garden terracing down to the main north-south pedestrian route.

B. The centre block is structured around a courtyard 5 storeys high, with the main communal facilities at ground floor and an element of retail integrating it with the Town Centre.

C. To the east, this building also boasts a tall courtyard, stepping up to 8 storeys as it faces Cherrywood Square and Tully Park. The retail draws it into the adjacent shopping area, with easy access to the public space and nearby transport links.

Open-Plan Living

Inside, living is designed with stylish, open plan arrangements. Spacious family homes are either located at ground level with their own private rear gardens or as upper level duplexes with large roof top terraces. Gentle ramps and steps enable level entry from the street and create a series of terraced courtyard gardens.

Key strategies of open-plan living:

  • Entry point – central, straight into living areas generally
  • Kitchen / dining – designed as ‘integrated furniture within the room’
  • Compliance with local standards – with fire engineered solutions
  • Adequate storage provision & M&E kit
  • Kitchen design (and cooker hob) to front door – fire strategy & sprinklers
  • Equality of ‘offer’ – bedrooms / bathrooms / storage
  • Sense of spaciousness – window positions and ceiling heights

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