Cherrywood’s residential development comprises of 4000 Hines Controlled Residential Sites, (1150 homes, 2850 multi-family rental units). In addition, Cairn Homes will develop over 300 new houses. Hines apartments are designed in collaboration with award-winning architects Munoz Albin, Dunnett Craven, Levitt Bernstein, MRY & IMB Asymetria.

Welcome to our neighbourhood

For families and young professionals, Cherrywood offers more than a vision of a better life, but proof that you can live it. Combining world-class design and an unrivalled park and woodland setting, your new home is just minutes from the city and moments from the hills and sea.


Space to live and breathe

Our ambition is to go beyond simply redefining your quality of life, but to perfect it. Explore our different neighbourhoods and designs by scrolling through our carousel.

Open-Plan Designed Apartments


The apartments at Cherrywood will pioneer an open-plan living design in Ireland where living rooms and kitchens are connected, creating a spacious living area.

This approach allows for open-plan spaces and the possibility for natural light and views to stretch in to internal space.

The best way to showcase our innovative open-plan design is to let people experience it for themselves, so we built one!

Take a tour of a Cherrywood sample apartment by watching our time-lapse video.

Featured Developments

Southeast Town Centre
Designed by Moore Rubel Yudell
The generous interior courtyard of Blocks 3 and 4 maximizes this quarter’s exterior open space. A private amenity for residents, it opens towards the south to engage the pedestrian route from the Luas Station. Conceived to maximize daylight into apartments, it captures early morning and late afternoon light.
Southeast Town Centre
Designed by Munoz Albin
These multi-family apartments are conveniently located at the Brides Glen Luas station.  The project is a pedestrian oriented development that promotes walk-ability and connectivity, utilizing the topography to conceal parking structures. The highlight of this design is the amenity package which is a floating mass that bridges between two wings, capturing panoramic views.
Northeast Town Centre
Designed by IMB Asymetria
This quarter consists of two independent residential buildings connected with a double-level underground car park. Additionally, a hotel is proposed at that area at the Wyattville Link Road side.
Town Centre Residential
Designed by Levitt Bernstein
Whilst each block is custom-designed to embrace its setting, all feature a consistency in materials, landscaping and form ensuring an elegant cohesiveness.

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